Reader Comments

I’ve been fortunate to receive some very nice emails from readers of my book.  Here are a few examples.

“I recently read your book and I am a big fan.  I run a non profit organization that I started in college (The Jewish Disaster Response Corps).  I believe that your book has a lot of lessons to teach the industry of Jewish Service Learning.  So with the inspiration of your book I have been handing out copies to of your book to everyone I believe needs to read it.”  –Elie Lowenfeld

“I just finished reading your book and found it to be time well spent.  Thanks for the efforts you put into your studies and book, as a long time deadhead and veteran of many shows and tours a lot of what you wrote rang true.”  –Stuart Lipson

“Just finished your book on business and the Dead, really enjoyed it.
As an aside, seems like old deadheads get gifts like your book, Jerry
ties, etc, for all occasions; no one knows what else to get us.  I am
in the medical field, and the company that i work for (Total Longterm
Care) here in Denver is really making a big push for customer service.
Many of the ideas that are being presented are also in your book,
very interesting.”  –Bennett Parnes

“I got your book over the holidays and loved it. I’ve already got my wife (a bank manager) reading parts of it, and plan to pass it on to my mother, who owns a bridal shop, for all the great ideas you have packed into it.  I hope you have great success with it.”  –Dan Angelo

“Thanks so much for your work on the your great book, Everything I know about business…  It was such a great read, even at 11 at night in bed when it was time to “wind down” from lots of responsibilities of the work day and family.

You articulated so clearly so many thoughts I’ve had over the years (I first saw the dead in ’77) .  I really appreciate it and there was a lot I learned about the organization which I had no idea about. It’s great food for thought in terms of staying authentic while building my business. If I was an Olympic Judge, you’d get a definite 10 from me!”  –Dov Pear

“I wanted to thank you for your advice a few weeks ago when I called in to speak with you.  I really enjoyed the book and just finished ordering nine copies (so far) for business clients.  I took your advice on insourcing rather than outsourcing.  The dollar cost will probably be higher up front, but I think you are correct that the investment will be well worth it.  I feel better already about my decision.”  — Steve Abbate

“Just caught your interview on CBC, and I’ll be buying your book this Christmas, first for myself, and then for my son.  The ‘60s and ‘70s gave rise to the phenomenon of music from that era being appreciated inter-generationally, and one of the things my sons loved was going to music festivals.  I am so glad to have been there during that revolutionary time – let’s hope another is on its’ way.  Jerry must be loving all this from his perch on high.  He would have been providing the sound track for the Occupy movement.  Thanks for your insights – your students will benefit so much.”  – Hazel Trego

“I finally got my book and devoured it. Loved it. Made me cringe a few times when I thought of how I have made simple complicated. Love the insourcing approach-takes courage on the part of leadership to hold on to a team, most likely pay more, but what tremendous gains we can achieve.  I am inspired.”  – Bill Spae