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When the book was published in November 2011, I was interviewed a LOT on radio stations around the US.  I’m surprised that in 2019 there’s still  interest in learning something relevant to business from the Grateful Dead. So here are some recent Blog interviews, Podcasts, and the radio and TV interviews I did.  Enjoy!

Deadtome Podcast with Casey Rae:

@STARTUPSPEED Blog with Mark Modzelweski:

How The Grateful Dead Transformed Customer Experience


  • The Entrepreneurial Moment with Brian Sullivan, KCTE-AM, Kansas City


  • The John Batchelor Show, WABC-AM, New York City
  •  Paul “the book guy” Alves webcast


  • Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word with Debra Conden,


  • The Business of Life with Coach Ron Tunick, KKZZ-AM, Los Angeles


  • Mind Your Own Business with Debi Davis, WLOB-AM & FM Portland ME


  • Fund Raiser with David Gans, KPFA-FM, Berkeley, CA


  • Mark Skoda Show, WMPS-AM Memphis TN


  • Alvin Jones Show, WHFS-AM Washington DC
  • Positively Incorrect with Scot Cluthe, National Syndicated


  • Morning Show with Dr. Rus Jeffrey, WACK-AM Rochester NY


  • The Big Biz Show with Sully and Russ T. Nailz, National Syndicated


  • Tom Amis Show, WCXZ-AM Knoxville TN
  • Morning Show with Dan Johnstone, KWDQ-FM Oklahoma City OK
  • Clay & Marty Show, KERN-AM Bakersfield CA


  • The Gabe Wisdom Show, National Syndicated
  • Mark Skoda Show WMPS-AM Memphis, TN


  • Frank Truit Morning Show, WTBQ-AM Poughkeepsie NY
  • Doug Hess Show, WLTP-AM regional WV-VA
  • First News with Bob Steel, KARN-AM/FM Little Rock AR
  • Steve Gill Show, National Syndicated
  • Morning Show with Greg Berg, WGTD-FM Milwaukee WI
  • Morning Show with Paul Miller, WPHM-AM Detroit MI
  • Munch Bishop Show, WKNR-FM Cleveland OH
  • Morning Wake Up Call with Robb Holloway, KPNW-AM Eugene OR
  • Tron in the Morning, KCMN-AM, Colorado Springs CO
  • Gattine & Franz, WDST-FM, Albany NY
  • The Lifestyle Show with Frankie Boyer, National Syndicated
  • Financial Spectrum Bill Kearney,WKXL-AM, Concord NH
  • Strong and Cooks Good Books, KMBH-FM, Brownsville TX
  • Doug Clifford Show, WSKY-FM Gainesville FL
  • Saturday Morning News with Jim Donovan, WSYR-AM Syracuse NY

Shortly after Josh Green’s article “Management Secrets from the Grateful Dead” appeared in The Atlantic in March, 2010, I was invited to appear on a number of radio and TV shows to talk about my research on the business side of the Dead. Here are some of them for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Radio interviews:

TV Appearances