The Business Genius of the Grateful Dead

When I finally ìgot itî listening to and seeing the Dead perform their unique form of improvisational rock and roll, I knew at some non-verbal level that there were special lessons for businesses in what they were doing. †How could a group of six guys stay together so long and be so creative each and every performance? †Since I worked in corporate America and was also pursuing an MBA, I was fascinated with this question because I wasnít seeing anything like it on the job or in other businesses. †So I began my journey to understand how they did what they did and to articulate it in a way that would be easy to understand and perhaps, influence organizations to try some of the Deadís special way of running a business. †Itís taken me more than 25 years to finally do it, and you can be the judge of how well Iíve explained it. †To give you a quick overview of the forthcoming book ìEverything I Know About Business I Learned from the Grateful Deadî Iíve made a 10 minute video I call ìThe Business Genius of the Grateful Deadî and Iíve loaded it to YouTube. †I hope youíll check it out. †Hereís the link: